The Last Front

JUNIPER SONG is a #1 Bay Adelaide Times bestselling author and is a winner of Goodreads Choice Award. She has a degree in English from Yale and has mentored for Teach for America and Young AAPI Writers’ Workshop. Juniper has lived all over the world, but now calls DC home. She also spent time in the Peace Corps.

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Praise for The Last Front

"The Last Front by Juniper Song deserves a spot on the pantheon of the greatest historical fiction books of all time."

The Roncesvalles Tribune

"The Last Front shines light on the unsung contributions and experiences of the Chinese Labour Corps. A vital and necessary book from the next big voice in fiction."

The High Park Review

"Historical fiction fans will be riveted."

— Kayi Jagger Fokes, bestselling author of The 41st Floor

"The Last Front, simply put, is a masterpiece."

— Neil Amatori, bestselling author of Six Cubicles

"Powerful, emotional, and unflinching. I couldn't put it down."

— Sabrina Rasch Graham, author of Invited to Frenzy

"Juniper Song is at the top of her game. The vivid details shine through on every page—I was hooked from the start. . . .I'll be thinking about The Last Front for a long time."

— Cory Francis Benton, author of Violet Outreach