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The Hobbit: Gen Z Edition by J. R. R. Tolkien

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So like, there was this hobbit vibing in an earth pad. It wasn't a gross, soggy, bug-filled cave or some dry, sad spot with zero chill places to sit or snack: it was a hobbit crib, which is code for mega cozy. The front door was all circular and popping green, rocking a bright yellow knob right in the center. That door swung open into a hallway that felt like a tunnel, but make it fashion – no smoke, sleek walls, tiled and carpeted floors, fancy chairs everywhere, and tons of hooks for caps and coats cuz this hobbit was all about having the squad over. This stylish tunnel kept going, straight but not too straight, into the side of a hill – the Hill, 'cause everyone around was like, "Yeah, that's the spot." And there were these cute lil' round doors here and there, opening up into the hobbit’s no-stair haven: bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, snack closets (loads of those), walk-ins (homeboy could shop), kitchens, dining halls, all on one level, making it super easy to roam from one vibe to another.

This hobbit was living the luxe life, name of Baggins. The Bagginses were basically the OG fam around The Hill, known for their stacks and their, like, total predictability. No plot twists, no surprises. This tale, though? It's all about how a Baggins went off-script, got into some wild stuff, and maybe lost some clout but legit gained... well, you're gonna see.

Gen Z translated excerpt from The Hobbit, Copyright © 1937 by J. R. R. Tolkien.

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