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About the Book


A powerful, thoughtful and bold comment on humanity and its future from one of today’s most thought-provoking artists.

In his first picture book created specifically with a wider audience in mind, Oliver Jeffers shares a history of humanity and his dreams for its future. Where are we going?

With his bold, exquisite artwork, Oliver Jeffers starts at the dawn of humankind following people on their journey from then until now, and then offers the reader a challenge: where do we go from here? How can we think about the future of the human race more than our individual lives? How can we save ourselves? How can we change our story?

Illustrated in his instantly recognizable style, Oliver Jeffers’s exploration of the state of the world today is insightful, moving and powerful. A must-have for every forward-thinking person who wants the next generation to inherit a world to be proud of.

About the Author

Oliver Jeffers graduated from The University of Ulster in 2001 with First Class honours. His outstanding talent has been recognized by several high-profile awards, including the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Gold Award. ‘Lost and Found’ animation was broadcast on Channel 4. Oliver lives and works in Brookyln, New York.


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Pre-order your copy of Begin Again exclusively from Vancouver Kidsbooks

and enter for the chance to win a framed limited-edition print

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