Last Modified: June 1, 2024

Certain US states each provide certain rights to its residents. This Section of the Privacy Notice applies if you use our Services and are a Consumer of the states identified here Applicable U.S. States. This notice supplements the information in the Privacy Notice.  Certain terms used below have the meanings given to them in the respective laws.


De-identified or pseudonymous data. In addition to the collection of personal data as describedin the Privacy Notice, we process de-identified data. With regard to our processing of de-identified data, we take reasonable measures to ensure the de-identified data cannot be associated with a natural person and commit to maintain and use such de-identified data without attempting to re-identify the data, and we require all of our service providers and partners in receipt of such de-identified data from us treat the data in the same manner.


In addition to your rights of access, correction, deletion and data portability, as described in the Privacy Notice, Consumers may have certain additional rights in connection with the personal data we collect about you, many of which are subject to exceptions under applicable law:

The right to nondiscrimination. We will not deny, charge different prices for, or provide a different level of quality of goods or services if you choose to exercise your rights.

The right to opt-out of the sale and/or processing of your personal data. You have the right to opt out of the sale of your personal data to a third party and/or the processing of your personal data for the following purposes: (1) targeted advertising and (2) profiling.

If you would like to opt out, you may do so as outlined on the following page: Do Not Sell My Personal Information.


To submit a request, please visit our Data Subject Request Page.  To protect your privacy and maintain security, we take steps to verify your identity before granting you access to your personal information or complying with your request.  To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may charge a reasonable fee to comply with your request.


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The following states and each of their respective laws provide their residents certain rights with respect to personal data as outlined in Section 5: Your Choices and Rights and the Other US State Residents Privacy Rights section of our Privacy Notice:

Colorado: Colorado Privacy Act (“CPA”)
Connecticut: Connecticut Data Privacy Act (“CDPA”),
Virginia: Virginia Conumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA”)
Utah: Utah Consumer Privacy Act (“UCPA”)
Oregon: Oregon Consumer Privacy Act (“OR CPA”)
Tennessee: Tennessee Information Protection Act (“TN IPA”)
Texas: Texas Data Privacy & Security Act (“TX DPSA”)
Montana: Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act (“MT CDPA”)
Delaware: Delaware Personal Data Privacy ACT (“DPDPA”)
Indiana: Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act (“IN CDPA”)
Iowa: Iowa Consumer Data Protection Act (“IA CDPA”)