The night that will shape their lives for decades to come...

From the award-winning author of For Today I Am a Boy, a gripping and deeply felt novel about a group of young girls at a remote camp.

A group of young girls descends on Camp Forevermore, a sleepaway camp in the Pacific Northwest, where their days are filled with swimming lessons, friendship bracelets and camp songs by the fire. Bursting with excitement and nervous energy, they set off on an overnight kayaking trip to a nearby island. But before the night is over, they find themselves stranded, with no adults to help them survive or guide them home.

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore follows these five girls—Nita, Kayla, Isabel, Dina and Siobhan—through and beyond this fateful trip. We see the survivors through the successes and failures, loves and heartbreaks of their teen and adult years, and we come to understand how a tragedy can alter the lives it touches in innumerable ways. In diamond-sharp prose, Kim Fu gives us a portrait of friendship and of the families we build for ourselves—and the pasts we can't escape.

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"The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore is a precise, visceral, poignant story of a trauma that echoes through multiple lives. Fu’s masterful organization and ability to tell real, relatable stories is the perfect voice for this novel. It is a question of humanity, one that demands answering." - Christina K. Read her full review here.


"The premise behind the story is extremely intriguing... this is the kind of story that I can see a group of young girls reading and looking for parts of themselves in each of the characters." - Kaylee Z. Watch her unboxing here!


"I thoroughly enjoyed Kim Fu's character development and seeing how each woman was uniquely affected by the trauma." - Jessica G.


"Reading about the lost girls was a reflective experience in looking back on how childhood events can alter the lives of those they touch for years afterward. Kim Fu does a great job creating complex characters full of flaws that are entirely relatable." - Miranda R.


"If you enjoy a book that makes you soul search, this would definitely be a book you would enjoy. The writing is flawless and flows effortlessly throughout the book. After the first few pages, I was quickly sucked in." - Shawna G. Read her full review here.


"extremely well written with fully fleshed out characters" - Shelley A.


"...who doesn't love summer camp?! There definitely needs to be more books with this theme. ...the author did a great, and thorough, job with the character vignettes. They were detailed, and you could really feel what each character had been going through since the episode at summer camp." - Teresa B. Read her full review here.


"The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu had so many things going for it and was a very engaging read- in fact I completed it in one sitting!" - Kassandra C. Read her full review here.


"This book hit me because of the similarity in age between me and the characters but it feels like it will stand the test and also resonate with younger people (women especially) and the themes won’t grow old or dated. I will definitely be recommending this book to friends, and especially to my friends with teen daughters." - Heather K. Read her full review here.

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