Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare

Sarah Lundy has a secret online life, and it might all come crashing down.

Back at the beginning of the new millennium, when the Internet was still unknown territory, Sarah Lundy started an anonymous blog documenting her return to the dating scene after a devastating divorce. The blog was funny, brutally honest and sometimes outrageous. Readers loved it. Through her blog persona, “Mitzi Bytes,” Sarah not only found her feet again, but she found her voice.

Fifteen years later, Sarah is happily remarried with children and she’s still blogging, but nobody IRL—not even her husband or best friends—knows about Mitzi. Which means that Sarah is in serious trouble when threatening emails arrive from the mysterious Jane Q. Time’s up, the first one says. You’re officially found out.

A grown-up Harriet the Spy for the digital age, Mitzi Bytes examines the bonds of family and friendship, and the truths we dare tell about ourselves—and others.

Here's what #HCCFirstLook readers thought!

"The book is a wonderful look at friendship and marriage, and how strong (or fragile) those relationships can be. I often found myself rooting against the main character, waiting for the other shoe to drop and - when it did - it was amazing." - Kara C.


"....there were so many more moments where I thought, or even said out loud, 'Yes, exactly!' This book delivers a character at once understandable, unlikable, and a bit of all of us." - Tegan T. Read her full review here.


"This novel, bursting at the seams with razor-sharp wit, completely lays forth a gilded paradox between what true identity means for a woman, and the constant need, for so many of us, to be a smiling zen goddess, with nary a negative thought about anybody." - Liz H.

"This is a great bookclub choice with substance to encourage discussion, and a weekend or vacation read entertaining enough to compel one to the end. " - Elizabeth C.


"The book is filled with lively characters and hilarious excerpts from Mitzi Bytes, the main character Sarah's anonymous blog." - Jessica M.


"The part of Mitzi Bytes that was most unputdownable for me was when Sarah (who blogs under the pseudonym Mitzi Bytes) finally gets outed, the ramifications are as varied as are the characters  she wrote about. It’s a fantastic array of reactions once the truth is out!" - Susan K. Read her full review here.


"Mitzi Bytes is like a murder-mystery, without the murder. Lacking the gore but with all the page-turning twists of a good thriller, this book is a quick favourite for anyone who likes a good mystery." - Courtney D.


"How would you cope if the people in your world really knew what you thought about them in your darkest moments?" - Yvonne W.


"...this would make a good book club read as there are many points for discussion: Kerry Clare does an excellent job of being able to examine what makes a person tick; trying to balance motherhood versus having your own identity, managing those PTA/school yard relationships (the mothers not the children), accepting the in-laws for who they are (as well as their role in your life)." - Lynne F.


Plus, check out this incredible cross-stitching pattern from HCC First Look participant, Susan!

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