Miss You by Kate Eberlen

miss you

What if you just walked by the love of your life, but didn't even know it?

"TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." Tess can’t get the motto out of her head, even though she’s in Florence on an idyllic vacation before starting university in London.

Gus is also visiting Florence, on a holiday with his parents seven months after tragedy shattered their lives. Headed to medical school in London, he’s trying to be a dutiful son but longs to escape and discover who he really is.

A chance meeting brings Tess and Gus together for a brief moment—the first of many times their paths will crisscross as time passes and their lives diverge from those they’d envisioned. Over the course of the next sixteen years, Tess and Gus will face very different challenges and choices. Separated by distance and circumstance, the possibility of these two connecting once more seems slight.

But while fate can separate two people, it can also bring them back together again....

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"Rating: 5/5" - Catherine B. Read her full review here.


"This refreshing novel leaves you wondering about the significance of chance encounters in your own life." - Lisa B. Read her full review here.


"I don’t think I even got to the second chapter before I was hooked…" - Michelle L.


"I fell in love with everything about this book." - Candace C.


"The end is uplifting, full of hope and promise - which has me wishing for a sequel!" - Leigh A. Read her full review here.


"Miss You is a story about life, fate and relationships. I feel as though fate is like a seed in this book, being blown around but never landing in the soil." - Adrienne B. Read her full review here.


"Hard to believe this is Kate's first book, looking forward to reading more of her work." - Shamini S.


"...Miss You is a book that will speak to you if you’ve ever experienced heartbreak or loss, or if you’ve ever found yourself at a crossroads in your life, trying to decide which path to take... The story doesn’t contain any magical solutions to life’s problems, but it does remind us how important it is to follow our instincts and our hearts – not just in love, but also in life." - Michelle L.


"Miss You is almost three books in one: her story, his story and just a bit of their story." - Lara M. Read her full review here.


"It has been a long time since I have read something that I could relate to and this book did just that. I have been recommending it to so many friends and family members." - Candace C.


"You'll absolutely want to know what happens next!" - Jessica K.


"What I love about the entire concept of Miss You is that it can be applied to your entire life: Just because you may have missed something at a young age, doesn’t mean that you won’t find your path later in life. Take a step back, assess your situation, do the best you can." - Catherine B. Read her full review here.


"Miss You is something of a gold standard for commercial fiction. It is accessible, but well-written. It contains tropes, but not outright clichés. It is light, but not fluffy, and tackles serious subjects like grief, disease and Asperger’s syndrome in a way that is engaging and poignant without being overly heavy." - Lara M. Read her full review here.

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