Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz


A chilling, ingeniously original modern-day mystery

When editor Susan Ryeland is given the manuscript of Alan Conway's latest novel, she has no reason to think it will be much different from any of his others. After working with Alan, a bestselling crime writer, for years, she's intimately familiar with his detective, Atticus Pünd.

This latest tale has Pünd investigating a murder at Pye Hall, a local manor house. There are dead bodies and a host of intriguing suspects, but the more Susan reads, the more she's convinced that there is another story hidden in the pages of the manuscript: one of real-life jealousy, greed, ruthless ambition, and murder.

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"The wonderful thing about uncovering into a mystery is that the reader is always guessing. It is next to impossible to put the book down, because every chapter is excitingly that much closer to uncovering the truth." - Alana G., Watch her full review here.


"One word for Magpie Murders: magnificent!" - Alexandra H.


"Magpie Murders is creative, compelling, and incredibly written." - Holly B.


"The bonus with this book was that there were two totally separate mysteries to be solved!  Stylistically, the transition between the main story and the story within a story was handled with skill" - Karen J.


"An absolute delight to read. This book had more twists and turns than any other murder/mystery I've ever read, and I loved every moment of it." - Cezann J.


"Endlessly engaging and unpredictable, Magpie Murders is certainly a must-read!" - Alexandra H.


"Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz was unlike any book I had ever read before. The idea of reading a murder mystery that contained a completely separate fictitious whodunit novel inside of it was fantastic." - Nicole S.


"I actually slowed down at the end, as I really didn't want to finish reading either book." - Karen J.


"[Magpie Murders] incorporated some of the elements that have always drawn me to the mystery genre: a smart detective and a group of prospects. ...There were several legitimate suspects and I appreciated that." - Ian L.


"A true page-turner!" - Nicole S.


"What a brilliantly and cleverly written tribute to the queen of crime Agatha Christie. Magpie Murders was so entertaining and engrossing that I was sad to see it end." - Sandra A. Read her full review here.

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