Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas


Someone knows where she is...

When Sophie begins to date Leon, Frankie warns her not to be lured in by his sensitivity and startling blue eyes. Frankie sees a dark side to him, but Sophie is smitten. Soon after this romance begins, twenty-one-year-old Sophie vanishes, last seen at the town’s old Victorian pier.

Twenty years later, Frankie receives a call from Sophie’s brother, Daniel, informing her that remains have been found near the old pier. Frankie wonders if it could be Sophie and returns to her hometown to try to finally find closure. But when she arrives, Frankie thinks she sees a woman on the pier late at night, a woman who looks just like Sophie. Could she be seeing her friend’s ghost? Does someone else know what happened those many years ago?

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"I devoured this book in a single day and was just hooked from the first chapter and had this need to read. ...One of my favourite parts of this story was the fact that it was written in a dual narrative." - Kristilyn R. 


"...full of subtle plot twists that keep you guessing until the utterly unexpected ending to this part psychological thriller part ghost story.  This book is full of secrets, mystery and mayhem which compel you to keep reading. Loved this book!" - Nicole M.


"All in all an entertaining book and an author I am glad to have discovered. Claire Douglas's debut was The Sisters (which has been added to my TBR pile)" - Margaret C. Read her full review here.


"Atmospheric, creepy, and full of mystery, Local Girl Missing is the type of book that will keep you turning the pages until the very end." - Daniel A. Read his full review here.


"The tension and atmosphere in the book is really well done. ...I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, even though it isn't the kind of book I normally invest my time in." - Jordan L. Read his full review here.


" I recommend Local Girl Missing to anyone who likes a page turner [that] has you guess every step of the way." Tasha M. Read her full review here.


"This psychological thriller takes readers on a suspenseful journey with clues being littered throughout the story. I had hunches as to what was in store, but was never able to figure out the story's twists and turns until they were revealed." - Brooklyn K. Read her full review here.


"I especially enjoyed references to specific musicians and their music and I went so far as to watch a YouTube video of Babies by Pulp, just to "set the scene." ...I enjoyed Local Girl Missing very much and will definitely watch for other titles by Claire Douglas." - Carolyn H. Read her full review here.


"Local Girl Missing is the book of the summer for fans of Gone Girl, The Couple Next Door, or The Woman in Cabin 10. It had me fully immersed in Frankie's dark rainy world by page six and deep into the mystery by page fourteen." - Sarah H.


"I liked the way the story unfolded and the surprise ending - I dunno if other readers had figured it out long before me, but I was shocked until the very end. I cried. I laughed out loud. This story has as much tragedy as it does "awe moments". I highly recommend." - Kristina K.

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