Just Like Family by Kate Hilton


Avery has three husbands—a work husband, an almost husband, and an ex-husband...

Kate Hilton, bestselling author of The Hole in the Middle, is back with a witty and insightful new novel. Avery Graham has built a life that anyone would admire. She has a brilliant career as chief of staff to Peter Haines, the charismatic mayor of Toronto. She has a devoted partner in Matt, her live-in boyfriend of 14 years. And she has a loving family and deep friendships that stretch back to childhood summers at the cottage.

But when Matt proposes, Avery's past threatens to engulf her present. And when a scandal erupts at city hall, Avery must overcome her deepest fears about love and loss, and discover what it means to be a family.

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"Just Like Family is a book that almost everyone will relate to and love. ...It will make a fantastic summer read!" - Ellen C.


"Wow is all I have to say. Okay... I can actually say a lot more. Just Like Family is a tale that kept me engaged from the first word to the last word. The characters were dynamic, multi-dimensional and relatable. ...Thought provoking and highly entertaining." - Andra W. Read her full review here.


"Kate Hilton's novel is about a strong, modern woman whose life is going completely off the rails ... Through Avery's story, we learn (or are reminded) that your past shapes your present but it does not have to define your future." - Kaley S.


"I fell into this book's web, losing sight of my own life for one that I found in the pages." - Deb B.


"Kate doesn’t disappoint. What I love about her writing is that it’s modern and grown up. It’s exactly the kind of writing that resonates with me at this stage in my life. It’s not about finding the perfect guy or falling in love, but about grown up relationships and all the complications that come along with that." - Victoria S.


"I loved this book. I didn't want to put it down. As a Canadian it was great to read so much about Toronto and cottage country." - Laurie B./BooksandChinooks. Read her full review here.


"As a result of reading this wonderful book, I am going right out and getting Kate Hilton's other book, The Hole in the Middle, to read next!" - Andra W. Read her full review here.


"I’d definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in a fast-paced novel that encourages the reader to reflect upon personal friendships and relationships." - Wendy B.


"I give this one 4.5 stars, for a darned good read." - Deb B.


"This is a great book that everyone should read, especially if you love or have ever lived in Toronto. I highly suggest you pick up this book and give it a chance—it is well worth it." - Clarissa F.  


"I loved this book so much, and it has me desperately wanting to rent a cottage on a lake in Ontario." - Victoria S.


"After reading Just Like Family, I would definitely seek out other books by Kate Hilton when I'm looking for a fun and fast paced read. She crafted a good story with some intriguing characters." - Megan Y. 

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