Hysteria by Elisabeth de Mariaffi


The closer she gets to the truth, the faster it slips away.

Heike Lerner’s life looks perfect from the outside: she’s settled into an easy routine of caring for her young son, Daniel, and spends her days wandering the woods near their summer house, while her nights are filled with clinking glasses and charming conversation.

But lately, Heike’s noticed there are some things out of place: a mysterious cabin set back in the trees and a strange little girl who surfaces alone at the pond one day, then disappears. Something sinister that Heike cannot quite put her finger on is lingering just beneath the surface of this idyllic life.

It’s possible Heike’s worries are all in her head, but when the unthinkable happens—Daniel vanishes while she and her husband are at a party one night—she can no longer deny that something is very wrong.

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"Hysteria is exactly the book I have been waiting for ....it gripped me from the first page until the very end. Elisabeth de Mariaffi writes in a very unique way that has you flipping through the pages.... heart pounding and second guessing every theory you come to!" - Trisha P.


"@ElisabethdeM has been breaking my heart all morning. #Hysteria is made of beauty and terror. I am loving it." - Maggie B.


"I was completely hooked from the beginning until the end. The author created so many layers of this story that blended together so perfectly." - Catherine H. Read her full review here.


"A compelling read that keeps you turning the pages." - Jennifer D.


"I had goosebumps throughout and lost count of how many times I held my breath ... I am sincerely impressed and cannot wait for Ms. de Mariaffi's next book!" - Leslie W.


"[Hysteria] was a fresh read & didn’t remind me of something I have read before. It had enough suspense to keep me guessing with a satisfying ending. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, this is a must read. I can not wait to see this book on bookshelves and recommend it to my peers." - Katelyn M. Read her full review here.


"It's a creepy, twisty turn-y ride that is so unpredictable you never know where it's going to go." - Morgan S.

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