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What is the HCC First Look program?

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So, do you want to have the HCC First Look? Scroll down to see what this month's pick is and tell us why you want to read it for your chance to become an HCC First Look reader!


This Month's Pick: Family Trust by Kathy Wang

Some of us are more equal than others...

Family Trust is a sharp and smart comedic family drama in the vein of The Nest based in California's Silicon Valley.
Meet Stanley Huang: father, husband, ex-husband, man of unpredictable tastes and temper, aficionado of all-inclusive vacations and bargain luxury goods, newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For years, Stanley has claimed that he's worth a small fortune. But the time is now coming when the details of his estate will finally be revealed, and Stanley's family is nervous.
His son, Fred, is caught between a disappointing job and an oblivious girlfriend. His daughter, Kate, is supporting her husband while his startup gets off the ground. Stanley's current wife, Mary Zhu, twenty-eight years his junior, finds herself floundering with his care while his ex-wife, Linda Liang, is finding new love online.
As Stanley's death approaches, the Huangs are faced with unexpected challenges that upend them and eventually lead them to discover what they most value. A compelling tale of cultural expectations, career ambitions, and our relationships with the people who know us best, Family Trust skewers the ambition and desires that drive Silicon Valley and draws a sharply loving portrait of modern American family life.
The entry period for this round of HCC First Look has now ended. Winners will be contacted the week of October 8th. Stay tuned to this page for future HCC First Look opportunities!

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