A note for YOU from Jayne Allen

Dear Bookseller,

Imagine a self-published book that so delighted its community of beta readers that it inspired more than 1,000 reviews, 776 5-star ratings, and hundreds of written recommendations. Can you envision having the opportunity to compile all of the comments, conversations and recommendations to create a final glorious edition – and the first in a three-book series – of this special book that would be available to anyone looking for a great read? That’s what happened to me!

I’m so happy and excited to tell you that you now have this very special book in your hands.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, has been called “Sex and the City meets Blackish” and has been referenced as a contemporized version of the blockbuster classic, Waiting to Exhale. The story centers a black female protagonist, Tabitha Walker, who is attempting to “have it all” when sudden complications force her to deal with the weighty layers of womanhood. In the midst of her challenges, a colorful and complex cast of characters come to her aid, including her two best friends, and her grandmother, a white woman who has had to come to her own understanding of how race has affected the generations of the blended Walker family. The story is an entertaining vehicle to explore the issues of relationships, mixed-race families, fertility challenges, mental health, impostor syndrome, and how race is experienced in our current racial reckoning. This is a perfect read for book clubs, as the subject matter intersects with many of the contemporary issues that readers may confront in their own lives and want an opportunity to explore in fiction. It’s also a perfect selection for readers who are looking to be further educated on race, and who might want an accessible adult contemporary fiction alternative similar to The Hate U Give.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your read of Black Girls Must Die Exhausted and feel confident in making an enthusiastic recommendation to your customers of this fresh perspective that they’ll be sure to enjoy. I could not be more thankful for your support and your help in furthering this work and the important conversations, community, and connections it has been fostering. I so look forward to the opportunity to meet you in person in the near future.

All my very best,
Jayne Allen