Introducing our #ReadBetter Bookseller Portal!

Happy August everyone!

As we head into Fall we’re talking a lot about the exciting books you’ll be selling all the way through holiday. But we’re also still talking about some of the issues the world has been facing the last few months.

One initiative we’re hoping you’ll support – and build with us – can be found at’s a website we’ve built to identify many of the books HarperCollins publishes we think the world can use more of. And since we know that changing the world one book at a time always starts with a recommendation, we’ve also created a private bookseller portal to highlight some of these books and offering you the chance to read them early.

So please visit the site when you can by clicking HERE. We’re continuing to expand it and would love to hear from you. I hope you’ll join us all in committing to #ReadBetter in 2020 and beyond.

See you all soon!