My Dark Vanessa is now on sale!


“Your beliefs will be challenged, you will feel helpless, angry and possibly a little depraved, but it will make you feel. A rarity these days. You’ll want to make sure to carve out enough time before starting, because “My Dark Vanessa” is compulsive. I burned through the first half of the book in such a fever that I lost sleep, I missed meals… Would be unbearable in less capable hands, but Russell manages to weave beautiful prose with gut-wrenching truth so deftly that even the most squeamish reader will not be able to stop themselves from wading into deeper water. The genius of this book is what’s left unsaid, the deceptively simple nuance with which this difficult material is handled… It’s a lightning rod. A brilliantly crafted novel.”

From The Washington Post, but you can read more on the New York Times Book ReviewBuzzfeedEsquireChatelaine, Elle Canada, Refinery29New York MagazineVulture, and more).

Didn’t we tell you everyone was talking about My Dark Vanessa?!  Oh, and the reason for this post: It’s FINALLY on sale!