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<p><strong>Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell</strong> is a UK Chartered Counselling Psychologist and expert on mental health, trauma and loss. She runs her own private clinic and works with hundreds of clients each year to help them embrace life again in the face of grief, loss and mental health distress.</p><p>She is a lecturer and supervisor at The New School of Psychotherapy &amp; Counselling and at The Existential Academy in London, and has been a visiting lecturer and facilitator for a number of mental health programmes, including Cambridge University's Executive MBA.</p><p>In addition to her academic work, she is a regular consultant for the private sector and her expert guidance has formed the basis for Qwell, the NHS approved platform for mental health. Dr Chloe is a frequent press contributor, with recent appearances on CNN, BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball, The Daily Telegraph, and Marie Claire. <em>The Loss Prescription</em> is her first book.</p>

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