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A note from Shani Dhanda: Growing up attending a special needs primary school, I was an avid reader, diving into numerous books and seeking stories that resonated with my reality. But there was a glaring absence — I couldn't find any disabled characters or narratives. I craved stories that mirrored my experiences. As much as books were my escape, the glaring lack of representation was crystal clear.

My book is a heartfelt reminder to embrace and celebrate our differences in ourselves and others.

Letizia has Multiple Sclerosis and spends a lot of time practicing horse therapy alongside children with disabilities. This made her realize that even when one has different abilities (and qualities!) nothing's truly impossible and one can have a great time. Not only that, but it's especially when working with one's friends that everyone's differences truly become a treasure. For these reasons and more she really loved drawing No Horn Unicorn.

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