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<p>Born and raised in rural Bologna, Elisa Rossi moved to London in 2008 to follow her dream of working in fashion, gaining roles at Harrods and Aquascutum. During this period of her life, she began to suffer from hormonal acne.</p><p>No lotion, cream, pill or treatment seemed to cure her issues, so Elisa set about on a life-changing mission to change her skin from the inside out. Thus began a plant-based journey of discovery, which saw Elisa create a whole new diet for herself packed with foods to help repair, regenerate and replenish her skin, sharing her recipes, successes and struggles online.</p><p>Elisa now works full-time on Happy Skin Kitchen and provides daily recipes and inspiration to over 300K followers across her growing Instagram, YouTube and TikTok channels. She lives in South London with her fiancé and their four cats.</p>

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