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SARA ELISE is a multidisciplinary creative, splitting her time between Brooklyn and Upstate New York. She is the cofounder and designer of Apogeo Collective, a hospitality experience centering QTPOC, as well as the founder of Harvest & Revel, a sustainable event catering + design company. She has been featured in DazedPlayboyAfropunkHealthyish (Bon Appetit)Well + GoodNylonStylelikeu, and them, among other publications. As an autistic Black & Indigenous femme, she spends much of her thoughtspace contemplating pleasure + pain, collective joy + healing, otherness, embodiment, remembering + reclaiming, self-destruction, and growth— and how inextricably those concepts are linked. To that end, Sara Elise has deep interests in ritualization, BDSM, relationship dynamics, and the development of decolonized personal awareness and well-being. With all of her work, she aims to challenge our collective reality by first re­imagining and then creating alternative sys­tems and spaces (both external and internal) for BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ people to thrive. You can find more from her at

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