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<b>Lara Hawthorne</b> is an illustrator and author based in Bristol in the UK. She has written and illustrated her own picture books: <i>Alba</i>, <i>The Hundred Year Old Fish</i>, <i>The Night Flowe</i>r, <i>Silent Night</i>, <i>Herb</i> and Carol Ann Duffy's Christmas poem, <i>The King of Christmas</i>. Lara is inspired by myths and legends and creates wonderful worlds with her distinct style. Her books have been translated in many languages.

<b>Rola Shaw</b> is the pen name of a creative duo who met eight years ago working together in children's publishing. Their friendship grew through a fondness for the playful, imaginative and insightful world of children's books. Together they have more than 15 years' experience writing and editing children's books. They can often be found wandering around the parks or working hard at their studio in Berlin.

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