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KATHERINE MACINNES was shortlisted for the Biographer’s Prize for an early proposal for <i>Snow Widows</i> over a decade ago. Since then she has continued to research the five women, both in the UK and in New Zealand, the gateway to Antarctic exploration. While bringing up her family, she has written four children’s books, three plays and graduated with a Master’s degree from Oxford University. Formerly an arts journalist and commissioning editor, Katherine has written features for <i>The Lady</i>, <i>Country Life</i>,<i> The Times</i>, <i>Telegraph</i> and in New Zealand, <i>The Press</i>. She has reviewed polar literature for the <i>Times Literary Supplement </i>and given talks on the invisible women behind the golden age of polar exploration at the Royal Geographic Society, at history and literary festivals and on local BBC radio. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Biographers’ Club.

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