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Danny Pearson was born in ‘The Shire’, near London, England, and is very much a child of the 80s. He was brought up on a diet of unusual cartoons and movies involving things changing into other things, or adventures set to cheap keyboard soundtracks.
Danny is a published author of many books for young humans. He also writes for magazines, graphic novels and comics. He studied Art and Graphic Design at University and after graduating, and with no definite ideas about what to do, found a job as a children’s bookseller at a bookshop. This is where he rekindled my love of books – children’s books in particular. He joined a publishing company in 2008 where he eventually became the Publisher. He has worked on hundreds of publications, and is constantly scribbling down ideas and thoughts for future books and comic strips.
He was a reluctant reader when he was at school, so he always writes about things that interest him that will hopefully also entertain young readers.

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