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Derek Tremain BSc (Hons) is Forensic Imaging Scientist & Managing Director Forensic Image Services. He began working at the age of 15 for Guy’s Hospital in its historic Gordon Museum then moved into the dedicated Forensic Department. Over the next 35 years, he experienced thousands of patterned injuries, and is recognised to be the UK’s leading experts in the area. Having created new histological techniques and analyse during the course of his work, Derek went on to found the UK’s first injury body mapping service for murder trials. Today, Derek acts as an independent consultant.

Pauline Tremain is a former Medical Sectary and is now Forensic Graphic Designer and Business Manager of Forensic Image Services. She joined Guy’s Hospital’s forensic department in 1981. Her interest and enthusiasm was quickly acknowledged by the pathologist team, who included her in their routine mortuary attendances, where she took notes on post-mortems.