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Cyndi Kane (also known widely as “Hyacinth,” Ree Drummond’s best friend) has homeschooled her four children for nearly twenty years and has always had a side hustle of some sort—founder of a homeschool community, radio talk show host, entrepreneur. Her busy life necessitated a streamlined dinner regimen, so her expedited cooking methods were borne out of need (or desperation!). Cyndi’s and Ree’s families are “fifth-generation friends,” following in the footsteps of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents-in-law; she is featured in Ree’s book Little Ree: Best Friends Forever!, has appeared at least a dozen times on Ree’s Food Network show The Pioneer Woman, and is frequently featured in The Pioneer Woman magazine on Cyndi also founded an e-commerce site, where she partners with influencers to design, manufacture, and sell kitchen and tabletop accessories. She lives in Pawhuska and Oklahoma City, where her husband, John, is a Supreme Court Justice for the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

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