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Jade Kelly is 30-years-old and grew up in and out of care, suffering emotional, physical and mental abuse at home and then at the hands of her foster mother Carol Docherty. Her almost daily ordeal involved her suffering regular beatings, being starved of food and made to sleep on the floor naked. She was constantly watched while she showered, had her hair cut off and was called derogatory name from the age of 12 to 15, which resulted in her suffering acute body issues and having a breast reduction at 17 – the youngest girl in Britain to undergo such surgery on the NHS. Only when her foster mother slammed a door on her arm and teachers refused to send her home, did social services act and remove her from her house of horror.

Since taking the authorities to task, Jade has worked as a Business Development Manager, delivering training and apprenticeships to the Prison Service, NHS and Education sector. A qualified fitness and dance instructor, Jade splits her time between Leeds and Spain.