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<p>Former commercial fiction editor <strong>SAMANTHA KING</strong> lives with her husband and two children in west London. As a qualified psychotherapist, she is fascinated by stories that tap into our darkest fears and expose our secret longings. As a mum, family life and modern relationship dilemmas inspire her to create emotionally charged scenarios that push her characters to question their own hearts and minds. As <em>The People’s Friend </em>commented: Samantha King ‘shines the spotlight on family life’. Her first two novels, <em>The Choice</em> and <em>The Sleepover</em>, were published around the world to international acclaim.</p><p>Sam writes in a hut at the end of her garden with a very affectionate Cavachon dog for company, but she keeps in touch with the world through:</p><p>Twitter: @SamKingBooks<br />Instagram: @samanthakingauthor<br />Facebook: @SamanthaKingBooks</p>

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