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<p>RITA RAINVILLE believes her storytelling ability was honed by her father, a man who told absurd tales with a straight face and a gleam of amusement in his blue eyes. She learned from both parents that laughter, as well as love, makes the world go round. Her early years were spent reading every book available and replotting the endings of sad movies. Rita has been a romantic for as long as she can remember. She began writing romance novels, and continues to this day, because she believes in humour, happy endings and the enduring qualities of love, honour and commitment. She is also spurred on by letters she receives from readers, letters that say things like, "…when I read your books, I laugh out loud and the pain goes away. "Rita is a happily married mother of two super sons, one incredible daughter-in-law and a wonderful grandson. She lives with her husband in northern Arizona.</p>

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