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I'm outside as much as possible--hiking, kayaking, and exploring. On a rainy day, I enjoy needlework or reading a good book. And I absolutely love cooking for my family and friends!

What happens when a big-city girl lands in a quaint Appalachian mountain town? It's simple, really: something magical starts to happen.

And, when you think about it, how could it be any other way? The mystical beauty of the misty foothills, the intoxicating whisper of mountain streams, the panoramic beauty of the serpentine river as it cuts through forested wilderness--it's a land bred for inspiration.,

For me, that inspiration found its best outlet when I picked up a pen. A lifelong student of literature and history, perhaps it was inevitable that I'd find my way to historical fiction.

Nursed on Shakespeare and weaned on Twain, I learned early that the most important part of any story is the characters themselves.

So I enjoy creating authentic, multidimensional figures that my readers--and I!--can relate to, engage with, and, ultimately, become emotionally vested in. When their passion becomes our own, we truly are a part of the story.

My stories deliver breathtakingly exotic-and deeply erotic!-romantic adventures, whether in the windswept mountains of medieval Japan, the steamy jungles of Central America, or the elegant courts of Regency England.