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Deborah Miles can't imagine not being a writer, even though she seems to have been writing for a very long time. Her first book was My Lady Imposter, published in 1982, and since then she's written five Historical romances for Harlequin. The most recent was The Decadent Countess, in 2003, a Regency romance.

Deborah puts her love of romance and making up stories down to her childhood, being the only girl with three brothers, and living for a time on a boat. She and her family sailed up the east coast of Australia, and her mother taught them school by correspondence. She remembers those years as a series of long days in the sun, dreaming up stories and writing them down.

At school she spent a lot of her time in the library. Working was more to do with making a living so that she could continue to work at her craft in her spare time. Deborah didn't really believe being a writer could be anything more than a hobby, until she was paid for her first short story, and then suddenly she realised that maybe, one day...

Now married with two children, life is fairly hectic, but Deborah still finds time to put fingers to keyboard. She currently writes for Avon, as Sara Bennett, and sometimes as Lilly Sommers for the Australian mainstream market. At the moment there are no more Deborah Miles books planned, but who knows when the muse might strike again!