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Kathryn comes from a unique family-her father, a navy "fly-boy," built two of his own planes in the garage of their San Diego home. Her mother is a world-renowned restoration artist of antique dolls. So you see, Kathryn's writing career is really quite tame. She graduated college with a degree in nursing, and after years in that field, she went back to school to learn sonography. She now works with women "in a family way" (as her grandmother Gladys used to say) by using both disciplines. Growing up, she spent her summer vacations with her family, camping across the United States. During those long road trips she'd stare out the car window at the desert and imagine a band of Apache warriors on horseback behind the next red rock formation-or along the rivers racing through the Rocky Mountains she'd visualize a wagon train struggling to ford the swift waters. What better outlet for her imagination than to write about the amazing men and women who built America? Her stories are set in the 1800s, and whether it's a fledgling town on the coast or a dusty hacienda in Texas, the lawless times and the wild, unforgiving landscape produced strong individuals and colorful characters. Kathryn has written four books for Harlequin Historical. The first, The Angel and the Outlaw, is set in 1870s California and was a Golden Heart finalist. The Rebel and the Lady and Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake, her second and third books, take place in Texas at the time of the Alamo. Her fourth book returns readers to Southern California and is a continuation of her first. Currently, she lives in the Midwest with her husband and sons and is working on her next book. For more information about Kathryn, please visit her website.