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Terry lives in Indiana with her husband of more than 30 years. She has six children, all of whom she adores, even though they are nuts. For that matter, so is the dog, an English setter who chases birds' shadows across the grass and can't figure out why she can't catch anything. Terry's kids are very musically inclined and their house holds a baby grand piano, a cello, a saxophone, a keyboard, two flutes, and two oboes. One of the kids currently has a music scholarship to Purdue, which is the payoff for all the band and orchestra concerts Terry has had to sit through over the years. (A well deserved payoff, at that - some of those concerts were down right painful!) Terry loves to read anything, but reads mostly romance novels, which led her to start writing them. She sees her writing as her way of reaching out and touching somebody, hopefully a whole bunch of somebodies.