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Born in Oklahoma, raised in Colorado, Judith moved to Los Angeles when she was thirteen. Writing is a great adventure for Judith. Readers enjoy the exotic settings she describes in her historical and adventure novels. For Voice of the Goddess, she traveled to Crete and Turkey to research the Minoan society and goddess cultures - including out-of-the-way places like eight-thousand-year-old Catal Huyuk in the heart of Turkey. For The Amazon and the Warrior, she visited the site of Troy and the museums in Ankara and Istanbul.

Judith currently lives in Rancho Bernardo, California. In addition to writing books and screenplays, she spends part of her workdays promoting the concept of a future without war. As described in her book Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace, this is an idea she believes is actually achievable if we have the will to put into place the conditions that would foster nonviolent means of resolving conflicts.

Judith loves country and classical music, and also great food, with the exception of raw-egg sushi. She has no pets or children. "My link to animals is strong, but it comes from connection with wild creatures;- those that are attracted to my yard, those that fly overhead or bathe in a nearby pond, those like the coyotes or bobtail cats that live around us if we just take the time to look. And, of course, I love camping. As for children, that wasn't in the cards for my husband and me, but I am extremely close to my nieces and nephews. The love and support of my family and friends is the most valued aspect of my life."

She also enjoys hearing from readers. Please email her at [email protected] or via snail mail P.O. Box 270074, San Diego, CA 92198, USA.