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Sandra K. Moore grew up in genteel Chattanooga, Tennessee, though weekend trips to the family farms in Henagar, Alabama, were a staple of her childhood. In Chattanooga she attended an all-girls preparatory school and so entered college with little experience in the subject of men, other than through the dozens of romances borrowed from her best friend.

In college she tried a number of majors before finally settling on poetry as an ongoing interest. A very fine poet directed her to the University of Houston Creative Writing Program where she started her graduate school career by winning an Inprint Fellowship.

She switched to writing fiction midway through her master's degree and was privileged to work with some of the great American novelists writing today, one of whom demonstrated her considerable insight by signing a copy of one of her books with: "For Sandra, with high hopes that you'll get it all together and write the beautiful book you've got in you.".

Though Sandra's rural southern upbringing might have qualified her to write in the great tradition of Eudora Welty and William Faulkner, she ultimately became a technical writer for a computer software company, where she met and fell in love with a handsome co-worker.

After a 10-year detour into the software industry - and moving from technical writing to project management to marketing - Sandra has finally "got it all together" and now spends her time either writing action-adventure novels or varnishing, preparing to varnish, or thinking about varnishing the motor yacht she shares with her partner and a small gray cat. The beautiful book is forthcoming.