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Laurie Campbell grew up playing paper dolls with her sister, but spent far less time selecting their clothes than creating situations for the characters to act out. By the time they outgrew paper dolls, the characters were so real that Laurie started writing a book about six beautiful sisters who lived next door to six dashing brothers. She swears she'll finish that novel someday. But meanwhile, she enjoys writing about ordinary people in extraordinary situations that could happen to anyone who want the best for those they love. Laurie spends her weekends writing romance, and her weekdays producing TV commercials for a Phoenix advertising agency. She also works as a marriage counselor, teaches a catechism class, speaks to writing groups on psychology for creating characters, coaches newly diagnosed diabetics, and spends any free time playing with her husband and teenage son (who helps her solve plot problems). For getaway weekends, they travel to Arizona's red-rock country of Sedona...which was named for Laurie's great-grandmother, Sedona Schnebly.

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