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A. M. Monson

spent her childhood years on a Wisconsin farm. She attended first grade in a one-room schoolhouse, played hide-and-seek with her dog in the cornfields, spun stories in the cow pasture. Now living in Minneapolis, where she works as a city bus driver and writes, she has never lost her love of the outdoors. She canoes and camps, hikes and crosscountry skiis, and is currently saving her money for a wind surfer to take out on Lake Superior.

Speaking about her inspiration for this book, Ms. Monson says, "Many times when we're growing up, there are things that happen that are totally out of our control. It's as if everyone else -- parents, teachers, even siblings and friends -- has power over us. When I was thirteen, I was a little like Todd in this book. I longed for some of that power, longed to prove once in a while that I was right."