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Todd taught illustration at the American Academy of Art from 1984 through 1987, and he continues to give workshops in illustration. His first children's book, The Stone Lion, by Alan Schroeder (Scribners), was published in 1994. Since then, he has illustrated books about such diverse subjects as the Sleeping Beauty ballet, a Native American powwow, and a fatherand-son fishing trip.

Whenever possible, Todd likes to get Firsthand reference for his paintings. He spent several days at the Nanticoke powwow, observing and taking photographs to create the paintings for Red Bird by Barbara Mitchell. Gathering materials for his most recent book, January Rides the Wind: A Book of Months by Charlotte F. Otten, was particularly fun for him. "I got to spend time, lots of time, with these great kids I know, including my sons, Reid and Jesse. And there's a special energy--a vitality-that seems to transfer to the art when you've witnessed the scene yourself. There's nothing like it!"

In His Own Words...

"I was born in Chicago and grew up in the near north suburbs. I can't remember when I started drawing, but it was early. In fact, I won a drawing contest at the age of three. I don't remember what I drew (I was told later that it was Casper the Friendly Ghost and his family), but I do remember the first-place prize, which was a rocking horse.

"Growing up, my two loves were art and sports. So after deciding not to pursue a career as a professional baseball player, I decided to go to art college. The fact that I didn't receive any scholarships to play baseball hastened my decision. The art college of my choice was the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Under the guidance of some of the most talented artists in Chicago, I decided to become an Illustrator.

"After graduating in 1982, I obtained my first commission, a football illustration for a major monthly magazine. I have been working as an illustrator ever since."