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Cameron Haley, the pseudonym for Greg Benage, was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, and did a long stretch in rural Kansas before escaping to New Orleans when he turned eighteen. Greg majored in Bourbon Street at Tulane University and excelled as a scholar, graduating magna cum laude and becoming a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In subsequent years, he dropped out of law school and two graduate schools, so maybe the whole "scholar" thing was just a fluke.

Greg's career in publishing began in the tabletop game industry, where he created, wrote and edited dozens of bestselling and award-winning role-playing titles. After ten years in the game racket, he decided to get a real job and feed his addiction to fiction by writing an actual novel. Thus Greg's current racket was born: senior product manager for a major commercial bank by day, aspiring novelist by night (and weekends...and occasionally during work hours, but only on lunch breaks, mostly).

Greg is living the dream in Minneapolis, which he's realized is really nothing at all like New Orleans. When he's not reading, writing or busting out a new spreadsheet for the Man, Greg spends time with his lovely wife, Maria, and rides his motorcycle the handful of days it's not freezing. Mob Rules is his first published novel, with the novella "Retribution" coming as part of the Harvest Moon anthology in October 2010. Deep undercover as Cameron Haley, he's hard at work on the next book in the Underworld Cycle, Skeleton Crew