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Dorie was initially struck by the writing muse at the tender age of nine, when she stayed up past her bedtime for the first time ever to finish a short story. That attempt resulted in her teacher reading her work aloud to the class, then submitting her story to Highlights magazine. Unfortunately, Dorie took the magazine's request to shorten the story as a flat rejection. Over the years she followed the muse from time to time, but didn't get serious about writing until after her third child's birth. Even then it took about five years of juggling husband, children, and nonprofit work with her writing before she finally mastered the art of rejection and landed her first sale. She now resides in Roswell, Georgia, a suburb of metro-Atlanta, with her husband, three daughters, and a big cat. When she isn't writing, she home schools her children and, with the help of a wonderful group of people, is working toward building a holistic school in her area.