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Bestselling author Mary Lynn Baxter instinctively knew that books would occupy an important part of her life. Always an avid reader, she became a school librarian, then a bookstore owner, before writing her first novel. Today, this prolific author has written almost fifty books, with over 13 million books in print around the world–and is widely regarded as a true master of the romance genre. Mary Lynn would be the first to say it’s her background that gives her a unique feel for romance writing. She was born and bred in Texas, home of the cowboy–hero of the West. She excels at describing the steamy South–whether it’s the passion engendered by the wide-open spaces of the Lone Star state, the moss-draped mysteries of Louisiana, or the general world of modern Mississippi–in her red-hot novels of romance and intrigue. This talented author is well-known for her creative skills, and has been praised by Publishers Weekly for her "crisp dialogue and fast-paced narrative. "Putting to paper the compelling story lines and larger-than-life characters in her vivid imagination gives Mary Lynn the ultimate satisfaction. "Nothing compares with the excitement of creating new characters and devising new plots," comments the author. Mary Lynn’s first book ALL OUR TOMORROWS, was published by Silhouette Books in 1982. SADDLE UP, a Silhouette Desire novel released in April 1996, was the author’s first book to be listed on the I USA Today bestseller list. Since the beginning of her writing career, Mary Lynn has found rich inspiration in the lush scenery around her. A resident of east Texas, Mary Lynn regularly finds herself travelling throughout the South to meet fans and research future novels. "Everything is so lush, so green, so steamy! The Deep South engenders romance. You can’t help but picture what’s going on behind the closed doors of the South’s most prestigious families–it’s wonderful fodder for a writer’s imagination!" When Mary Lynn surfaces from her writing, she’s a voracious reader. But this petite dynamo is always happy to tumble out of her world of fiction into her local fitness centre for a bracing workout. She’s also dedicated to her volunteer work…and still manages to fit in plenty of quality time with her family at their home in Lufkin, Texas.

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