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When Darcy was a girl, she swung through the trees with Tarzan, rode shotgun with The Dukes of Hazzard, and explored the stars with the space family Robinson in Lost in Space But in her versions of these popular TV shows, there was always romance, always a kiss - and always a "happily-ever-after."

And she didn't change as she grew up! As a teen, the romantic in her wanted flowers, chocolates, and promises of undying love. Sadly, she wasn't to find that love for many years, but she learned a lot about yearning and heartache.

After high school, she decided to go out in the world and experience life before she tackled university. She traveled, studied art...and fell in love! Darcy met her husband on a blind date and knew that she'd found that true, undying love she'd longed for as a teen. This was the man she'd spend the rest of her life with.

Ten years and four children later, Darcy yearned again for that first flush of love, but this time she wanted to write about it - create characters who would struggle to find true love, and have the happily-ever-after that she'd found in her own life. She began writing romance novels, hoping to share the stories that she loves to create.

Darcy's first book took a year to write, and when it went flying off into the sunset to England, she felt like the most accomplished writer in the world. She'd faced the challenge and succeeded. She'd written a book!

Darcy didn't wait for the editor's answer - she had to write her next one so that when she received the beautiful call she'd have another book to give her. When the rejection came for the first book, Darcy was sure that it was the second one that would win her that fateful call. Four rejections later, she was just as determined that this next book would be the one. And nine months after that, Darcy received the call! It was the night before she was due to fly to Sydney for the 2001 romance conference. She couldn't believe it. They wanted her book! She's sure she spent most of the conference floating two feet above the floor.

Fortunately for Darcy, she had continued writing while waiting for the answer to that submission, and had two other books to offer Mills & Boon. She was blessed with a three-book contract! Her career had finally begun.

Darcy lives in a small suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne with her husband, four children, two cats, two rabbits, and one dog. When she finds a spare minute or two, she loves to do pottery and needlework. But her favorite distractions are reading books and going to the movies.

Darcy's advice for other writers: Think more about what could go right; take time to learn the craft and write - and keep writing. Don't stop until you get that beautiful call!