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Elizabeth grew up in Africa, where her father worked in the then British colony of Nyasaland (now Malawi). It was a great place for children, with tropical weather and wide-open spaces.

One of four siblings from parents who were regarded as a trifle unconventional, she was encouraged to develop an interest in reading and drama from an early age. A love of romance was born first through fairy tales and then Georgette Heyer, whom Elizabeth discovered at the age of 11. Instantly hooked, she still enjoys a Heyer for relaxation.

Her first kiss was classically romantic — on board ship under the stars — and she still recalls feeling her legs turning to jelly. Writing romance was a late development, however. Returning to England after a short period as a secretary (training which has come in useful ever since), Elizabeth went to drama school and trod the boards for some 17 years as an actress. Writing had always been there, as a hobby and a release. She has acres of poetry and half-finished stories from those years.

In her 30s, and almost on a whim, Elizabeth began writing historical romance. Within a very short space of time, writing consumed her life and she realized that this was her true métier. A lengthy apprenticeship was at last rewarded with publication by Mills & Boon in the early '90s and Elizabeth has never looked back.

In addition to writing historical romance, she taught drama for years and became producer and director of the school's theater company, writing and adapting plays for casts of over 70 students. Now she has given up teaching, but continues her involvement with the school's theater, creating productions twice yearly. She is also artistic director of a local arts festival held annually in August in Sussex, where she lives.