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For Barbara, books are the keys that open the doors to life and all its wonders. For as long as she can remember, she has been stepping through these portals-by both reading and writing-to explore the myriad worlds they offer. An English major in college, she went on to teach high school but she's always been drawn to the magical process of writing. In 1985, she published her first novel, an historical romance set in colonial South Carolina, and has since written about eras and locales as far apart as present day Louisiana to Arthurian England and Minoan Crete. Not only does Barbara take pleasure in reading about exotic times and places, she also travels to the actual locations to gather the tiny details - when the sun sets, how the air feels, what sights, sounds, and habits are unique to the area. Accompanying her on these research trips, her husband serves as volunteer photographer and the romantic escort. As she's often said, she could never "quite pull it off" without him. She firmly believes that the secret of writing a romance lies in "living a romance." If you have any questions, or would like to contact Barbara, she can be reached by email at