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WENDY WARREN lives with her husband, Tim, and their dog, Chauncie, near the Pacific Northwest's beautiful Willamette River, in an area surrounded by giant elms, bookstores with cushy chairs, and great theatre. Their house was previously owned by a woman named Cinderella, who bequeathed them a gardenful of flowers they try desperately (and occasionally successfully) not to kill, and a pink General Electric oven, circa 1948, that makes the kitchen look like an I LOVE LUCY rerun. A two-time recipient of Romance Writers of America's RITA award for Best Traditional Romance, Wendy loves to read and write the kind of books that remind her of the old movies she grew up watching with her mom—stories about decent people looking for the love that can make an ordinary life heroic. When not writing, she likes to take long walks with her dog, settle in for cosy chats with good friends and sneak tofu into her husband's dinner. She always enjoys hearing from readers and may be reached at P.O. Box 82131 Portland, OR 97282-0131.

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