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Carrie Alexander began writing on a whim after reading an out-of-date article about how "easy" it is to be a romance novelist. After several starts and stops–and having her first query letter to Harlequin come back marked "Return to Sender" because she had the wrong address–Carrie sold a novella and then her first Temptation (which went on to be a RITA finalist) to Harlequin before she truly understood what an accomplishment that was. Many books later, Carrie's older and wiser, writing full-time for Harlequin and loving it. She considers each book a new adventure, from side-splitting to heart-wrenching to hair-raising. No wonder she's usually come undone by the time she finishes a manuscript! Carrie is single, lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Lake Superior and the unspoiled wilderness would be a serious distraction if it not for the long, snowy winters that give her lots of time to read and write and paint. When she's not busy sharpening her wit, she tends her overstuffed bookshelves, her voluminous files and her rapidly increasing movie collection, certain that one day they'll all be organised at the same time.