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Peter Telep has not worked as a Marine Corps fighter pilot, a mining engineer, a nuclear physicist, or a software designer--though he'd like you to believe he has. He was born and schooled in New York, spent a number of years in Los Angeles, then returned east to Florida. He is an expert produce clerk, having spent many years in various supermarkets to support his writing habit. If you're lucky, you may still catch him selecting ripe watermelon for nice old ladies

While out west, he wrote for such television shows as In The Heat of The Night and The Legend of Prince Valiant. He is the recipient of many writing awards, including the John Steinbeck Award for fiction. Mr. Telep's other novels are Squire, Squire's Blood, Squire's Honor, Space: Above and Beyond, and Demolition Winter. He now teaches English at the University of Central Florida, and you may e-mail him at He is always delighted (or is it begging?) to hear from his fans.