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Andrea Kirk Assaf and her family keep goats and honeybees on a Michigan farm nicknamed “The Milk and Honey Homestead.” They were inspired to begin beekeeping by Kalim Assaf, the author’s father-in-law, who first tended bees on the rooftop of his residence on Mount Lebanon. The Assafs’ Michigan bees have provided a number of adventures, including curing a friend of apiphobia and treating allergies, as well as an organic wildflower honey business for a number of years. Besides consuming honey on a daily basis, Andrea writes and edits books, homeschools her children, and travels for work to Italy with her family during the winter while the bees are hibernating. Andrea is an editor and author, journalist and blogger, farmer and beekeeper. She is also the author of a number of titles for William Collins, including CS Lewis’ Little Book of Wisdom and Pope Francis’ Little Book of Wisdom.

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