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Brendan Graham’s, You Raise Me Up (music by Rolf Lovland), is a song which has become a global phenomenon, touching the hearts and minds of people the world over. With over one thousand recordings in forty languages it has amassed 100 million sales and one billion internet views. Apart from its commercial success, You Raise Me Up, has become a worldwide anthem of celebration, commemoration and inspiration, crossing boundaries of culture, creed and country.

Both his musical and narrative work has demonstrated the ability to touch the nerve of humanity, to inspire and to give hope. His self-narrated essays for RTE Radio’s Sunday Miscellany have evoked similar reactions, while the RTE Radio documentary, Fumbling for the Light, explored these aspects of his life and writings.

Renowned for the spiritual and historical dimensions to his work, his songs and stories continue to travel, far beyond the door of his home in the remote mountains and lakes of County Mayo, where he lives.

The Whitest Flower trilogy of documentary novels span the mid-part of 19th Century Ireland and tell the story of the Irish diaspora in America, Canada and Australia.