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Dr. Tom Amberry was a podiatrist for 40 years, publishing many articles about various aspects of his profession. On November 15, 1993, following his retirement, Dr. Amberry shot his way into The Guinness Book of Records by sinking 2,750 free throws in a row. Since then he has become internationally known as, in the words of one announcer, "the best free throw shooter ever to touch a basketball." Dr. Amberry travels constantly, teaches shooting clinics and makes frequent radio and TV appearances. He has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, ESPN, Dateling, Day One, The Late Show with David Letterman, NBA Inside Stuff, and ABCs World News Tonight. On his college basketball team, Tom Amberry was twice the nation's high scorer. He was an All-American two years in a row, turning down a two-year, no-cut contract with the Lakers to pursue a career in medicine.

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