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<p>Storm Dunlop is an experienced Astronomy and meteorology author and translator. Books include Gem Weather (Collins, 2012), Meteorology Manual (Haynes, 2014), Practical Astronomy (Philip’s, 2012) and authored the bestselling annual Guide to the Night Sky (Collins). Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Meteorological Society and a member of the International Astronomical Union.</p><p>Zoë Johnson is a meteorologist, journalist and author. She spent three years as an operational meteorologist, providing weather forecasts to farmers, wind farms and the media. Zoë’s passion for climate change communication inspired her to leave operational forecasting and pursue a career as a journalist, through which she hopes to tell climate-related stories that inspire and motivate. Although she misses day-to-day forecasting, Zoë still follows the weather and loves being outdoors, where there is always the chance to do a bit of cloud spotting!</p>

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