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FERGAL KEANE OBE was born in London and educated in Ireland. He is one of the BBC’s most distinguished correspondents and has covered most of the world’s conflicts of the last thirty years. In 2020, he announced that he was stepping down as the BBC’s Africa editor because of his ongoing struggles with PTSD. His documentary film <i>Fergal Keane: Living with PTSD</i> was broadcast in May 2022. He is the author of several bestselling and award-winning books including<i> Letter to Daniel</i>, addressed to his newborn son, <i>Road of Bones</i>, about the siege of Kohima, and <i>Wounds</i>, which won the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Prize and the Irish Book of the Year Award for Non-Fiction. He has been awarded a BAFTA, an Emmy and the Orwell Prize for political writing. He continues to work for the BBC as a Special Correspondent

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